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Core Drilling Services

Core Drilling Big Dig

Concrete Coring excels where others fear to tread. Through nearly two decades of concrete cutting experience, we have encountered various complex and unique situations that have tested our team’s knowledge and skill base time and time again. Our dedicated team of professionals is outfitted with the necessary equipment to safely and effectively drill holes through any hardened materials, no matter the size needed. Put the Concrete Coring Company’s accumulated experience and spirited workforce to the challenge with any of your core drilling needs, large or small diameters, angled or deep drilling and you are sure to be pleased with the the results.

Service Core Drilling

Concrete Coring is equipped to handle all of your service core drilling no matter the size or quantity. As an added bonus, our team has skilled journeymen signatory with Local 562 to drill for any plumbing or pipefitting contractor. Concrete Coring Company will work hard to satisfy your scheduling needs in any situation.

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