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Slab Sawing Debaliviere Bridge

The Concrete Coring Company handles sawing concrete slabs of different thickness from 6″ up to 22″ in depth. This service is primarily performed on highways and airports, but our team can apply this technique nearly anywhere. Compared to jack hammering, slab sawing is less time consuming, far less noisy and creates less stress to structural areas. We use green sawing to make relief joints in the slab and widen the slab out to specifications by the contractor. We additionally clean the joints to prepare the slab for sealing.

Our teams also deal with sealing both hot pour (tar) and cold pour sealant (silicone) on highways and airports. Joint sealing is a very important process for dealing with concrete. As joints crack due to shrinkage, dirt and rocks can work their way in, causing spalling when the concrete expands. This process further prevents water from getting under the slab, which can cause various issues and damage to the concrete. There is no area or state that we won’t go to for sawing and sealing. Our employees put in 100% of their time and energy when on a project so we can make sure the project is done to the owner’s specifications. Get started on your next project today with Concrete Coring Company.

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