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Wall Sawing Services

Wall Sawing Debaliviere Bridge

Concrete Coring Company can ensure that any new doorway, access opening, bay door, dock leveler or window is created without structural damage, the nuisance of dust or the noise and impracticality of jack-hammering. Our wall sawing services offers a track mounted system that affixes to a wall, utilizing water cooled diamond blades to smooth cut an opening to the tightest specifications leaving a smooth clean cut perimeter. Cutting to a depth of 27″ from a single side of a wall slab is standard operating procedure for our team. Contact any one of our friendly associates for pricing including all aspect turnkey pricing.

Chain Sawing Services

Does your job require non-diametric openings in concrete or stone without over-cuts? Diamond chain sawing is the answer. Whether you are looking for assistance with ductwork, scuppers, louvers and more, the team at Concrete Coring Company has things under control. We maintain a full range of diamond cutting tools to facilitate openings of any type and through virtually any material. When your concrete structure needs new openings, turn to the professionals at Concrete Coring Co for the fast, reliable service.

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To get in contact with a professional about our wall sawing services, please contact us through our web form or call 314-646-0415.

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