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Robotic Demolition

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Did you ever ask yourself: “Why do we use state of the art technology to build, but ‘Stone Age’ technology to demolish?”

Our turnkey selective demolition teams featuring fully remote-controlled demolition robots offer these benefits:

  • Vibration-free, dust-free demolition
  • Unparalleled speed and efficiency
  • Reduced down-time for your customer
  • Cleaner and safer work environment
  • Significant cost savings
  • No harmful exhaust emissions
  • Extraordinary Working Radius

Design, construction and a three-part robot arm give the demolition robot greater flexibility for different types of tasks. Thanks to the three-part robot arm, the Brokk has an extraordinary working radius.

The machine also has a low center of gravity and strong support legs that keep it steady, even when the arm is fully extended. We can equip the Brokk 150 with different types of tools, such as hydraulic hammers, concrete crushers, drilling equipment, different types of buckets, etc.

Thanks to its small exterior dimensions, the compact Brokk 150 demolishes in very tight spaces. Once in the position, it has the power that you need and the capability of working with very heavy tools.


Operators control the machine withe the aid of a remote control, which means that they can remain at a safe distance from falling debris. The standard Brokk machine is electrically powered, which also improves the working environment compared to diesel-powered machines.

Remote Controlled Concrete Demolition

Applications: Dams, Bank Vaults, Staircases & Landings, Elevator Pits, Mezzanines, Parking Garages, Tunneling, Subways, Silos, Pilings, Basements, Bridges, Columns, Beams, Interior Demolition, Soft Gut, High Rise Renovation, Foundations, Shafts, Retaining Walls, Floors, Nuclear, Plant Renovation.

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